What is WriteInvites.com?

WriteInvites.com offers a platform for Direct Sales and Party Plan personnel to select themed invitations tailored for their specific direct sales industry. You can print your invite, email your invite, or text your invite. You can also select a matching Facebook Event Banner to download and use as the image for your Facebook Event.


How do I get started?

You can create your WriteInvites.com account by clicking the Register link and entering your name, email, and a password from the Home page.


How does this service work?

To view our invites, simply click the Browse link from the Home page, then select your Direct Sales industry to view available themes within that category. To send your invite (print, email, or text) or to download your banner, subscribe to our Monthly Recurring Service or use the Invites-on-Demand option. 


How much is WriteInvites.com?

Our monthly recurring subscription is $7.95/month for unlimited access to our invitation library. You can print, e-mail, and text all invites OR download all banners as often as you wish. Our Pay-per-Invite is $4.95. When you use this option, you can print, e-mail, and text one invite and download one banner.


How do I customize the Invite? What can I change?

Choose an Invite from any category to open it, then click the Invite to enter your information in the Editor. You can modify the text to include your own event details and company information. If there is text on the card that you are unable to select, it is part of the design of the invite and cannot be changed.


How do I print or send my Invite? How do I download my Banner?

Once you save your Invite, you will see icon options for Print to PDF, E-mail, and Text. Select any option(s) to generate your Invite – it’s that easy!

Click the Download icon to download your Facebook Event Banner to your local directory, then upload and share in your Facebook Event.


How do I view my Saved Invites or Sent Invites?

Access your Dashboard from the Profile icon to view all of your invitation and banner activity.


How can I minimize my print costs and maximize my print quality?

To help minimize print costs, consider purchasing XL cartridges for your inkjet printer. WriteInvites also offers the option to print your Invite 2 per page. Also, Inkjet Bright White paper (98 bright) adds a professional look to your printed Invites.

Use discounts from your Direct Sales company for significant savings on printing costs at local print vendors.